Information and knowledge management are at the center of the modern clinical research enterprise. The resources below can assist investigators  as they bridge the translational gap between data and models, models and drug discovery, drug discovery and personalized medicine, and evidence and community health. Other informatics resources can be found in the VIICTR core database.

Office of Research IT (ORIT)

The ORIT offers research informatics support services to new and experienced investigators who are interested in or are conducting clinical and translational research. The following services can be requested by completing an online request form.

  • Research informatics support for all aspects of data design, management, and analysis, including studies involving collection and genomic analyses, and epigenomic and sequencing data
  • Design and development of electronic case report forms and study-specific databases
  • Design, development, and maintenance of protocols, patient registries, and clinical data
  • Automated reporting of clinical data as required by study sponsor
  • Design and development of reports as required by the Data Safety Monitoring Plan
  • Randomization as required in specific clinical trials
  • Monitoring and reporting of subject accrual, including tracking of minority recruitment
  • Preparing lists of trials open for recruiting to distribute to investigators, committees, and others
  • Interface with biostatistics
  • Development of a secure Web-based database and other software applications and tools tailored to meet the needs of researchers for single- or multiple-site trials

Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research (CIBR) Center

The CIBR Center supports new and experienced researchers by fostering collaborations and developing original quantitative and modeling approaches to biological and clinical problems. CIBR Center faculty members investigate imaging, clinical, computational, and data-driven issues posed by the complexity of high throughput datasets. Visit the CIBR Center Web site to view its offerings.


VIICTR Member Organizations
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Texas Children's Hospital
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
  • Ben Taub Hospital
  • University of Houston College of Pharmacy
  • Gulf Coast Consortia